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Give Your Beauty Business

a Growth-Inducing,

Profit-Maximizing Facelift!

"Build, Brand and Bag It!"

90-Day Business Accelerator Course Is YOUR Answer

"Please take this course, every licensed professional

should gift themselves with Carla Jones" ~ Charlotte P. (Salon Owner)

"That investment was worth every penny and more.

I certainly could NOT afford NOT to take it" ~ Sharon R (Salon Owner)


Listen, I KNOW you’ve been doing everything you can..

Posting on social media
Attending networking events

Following industry leaders and the whole nine yards....


because NOTHING seems to be working, you’re still left sitting with a lap full
of big goals ...


YOU WANT  to grow your salon or barbershop into the go-to spot everybody raves
YOU WANT  to effortlessly pull in more profits without needing to work 24/7 to do
AND YOU WANT  the freedom and flexibility other entrepreneurs boast about.


Now, having goals is great. But, the problem comes in when you have no idea
where, when or how to go from setting goals to achieving them.

No worries though, because inside

Build, Brand and Bag It 

you’ll find the GPS (Growth Profit Strategy) to navigate straight to the path of success.


For 90 incredible days, you’ll immerse yourself in a business accelerator course where you’ll finally get the roadmap to hit your revenue goals and grow your business faster than ever.


You’ll gain access to weekly video lessons + workbooks and weekly LIVE sessions with an industry expert so you can get the support, motivation and answers you need to stop talking

about growing your salon or barbershop business to the real stuff of actually doing it.

Build, Brand and Bag It is broken down into 3 primary lesson paths to help you
learn and implement as you move through each of the core learning modules.


Here’s what you can expect inside:

Module 1 – Build It

Inside this module, you’ll uncover:

  • Rarely-talked about business growth fundamentals that will fast track your transition from quick cash to steady profits
  • Guidance on how to automate sales and client acquisition in a way that keeps your business pulling in profits even while you’re at the gym, at the grocery store, getting some much-needed “Netflix and chill” in your life or on the beach your dreaming about
  • Secrets to quickly spotting your business’ hidden profit potential and turning it into lucrative, money-making opportunities

Module 2 – Brand It

Inside this module, you’ll discover:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to create an irresistible brand identity that will attract clients and customers you love – all without you needing to chase or hunt them down, dragging and kicking into your salon or barbershop
  • Failproof social media strategies that will maximize your time and transform your social media feeds into client-attracting machines – all without you having to spend hours a day posting, commenting and sharing on social media
  • Heart-piercing marketing tactics virtually guaranteed to push your audience to not only book your services, but also to race out to tell everybody they know about you

Module 3 – Bag It

And inside this module, you’ll find out how to secure (and keep)

the bag by learning how to:

  • Infuse profit-boosting strategies into your daily business tasks so you keep your bank account as full as your appointment book
  • Set product and service prices that pull in the clients you want all while positioning you to maximize profits not just in 2019 but for as long as you want to stay in business
  • Keep your money on your mind and your mind on your money by implementing easy-to-use tracking tools to measure your daily profitability and position you to level up your revenue-generating activities

The bottom line is this:
IF you want to secure your slice of the multibillion-dollar beauty industry pie, this
is where you’ll find out how to do precisely that – in as little as 90 days.

Want in?
Click the BUTTON below to claim your spot and your course level.

“Carla can help you level up your business. I would change nothing about this course. The best part for me was getting a clear understanding of the important numbers.” ~Donita A.

“Wow! For me it was planning and keeping records….Also confident in making necessary changes to improve the quality of services while making a profit. Thank you so much Carla for your gifts.” ~Dena M.

“Build, Brand and Bag It helped give me real awareness of money coming in and out. I would change nothing about this course. It’s truly a great course for any opening or renting a salon. I would highly recommend it!”

~Kathy N.

"I have told co-workers about it already! I talked about the budget tracker and salon stats trackers, they're incredibly valuable tools! The whole course is incredible and I still talk about it when different elements are relevant to conversation. You're a highly recommended person in my book!" ~Camron R.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What is the last date to register for Build, Brand and Bag It 90-Day Business Accelerator Course?

    Enrollment for this course takes place three times per year.  The course is designed to meet the immediate needs of YOU, the licensed industry professional who needs business help now.


    We are NOT a membership. 


    Our focus is real-time, immediate, impactful results for you and your business. 

  • How long is the course?

    The course is 90-days or the equivalent of three, 4-week sessions. 

  • Who do you recommend take this course?

    This course is designed for hairstylists, nail techs, estheticians, make-up artist, salon owners, booth renters, suite owner and barber professionals regardless of length of time in the industry.


    If you desire to transform your business within a 90-Day period and don't want the hassles of waitlist and or year long drip content programs or memberships, this course is designed specifically for you. 


    We take a guided, hands-on approach to your learning and growth in your business. You get nearly 24 hours of LIVE Group Coaching and Training time as well as 12 weekly videos with guided workbooks. If you had to pay for this level of attention and information separately, you would be investing well over $10,000. 

  • What results can I expect? 

    As with any program, results vary based on what your specific goal or outcome you desired when you registered. The goal of the program is to show you how to customize the lessons content, create the specific strategies that will allow you to achieve the goal or goals you have set for yourself and your business by the end of the 90-Days. At the end of the day, you will get out of it, what you put into it. It's designed for you to win if you are willing to commit to the 90-Days and the work required for yourself. The strategies are proven.You just have to use them.

  • What have been the results of members that have come through the course?

    Again, results have varied based on the participants goals. However, the highest increase reported during one of our LIVE group calls, was a $3,000 revenue increase in the first 30 days of implementing the strategies taught. Others have been able to incorporate systems that have streamlined their operations, thereby increasing productivity and operational efficiency. Others have been able to increase revenue through incorporating new sales and marketing strategies. Again, it varies by the individual owner, stylist, and overall salon goals. 

  • Is there anything for former graduates of the 90-Day course?

    For the first time ever, fall of 2019, we are offering an Alumni monthly member opportunity for $27 per month. 

    As an alumni meeting, you will have scheduled access to me inside of our new Facebook Community. You will get one-monthly business training workshop and you will be able to attend the weekly LIVE group coaching sessions for those currently enrolled in the 90-Day course. 

  • What if I am not sure this is right for me?

    I would recommend if you have any reservation, signup for the $1, 7-Day Trial if that option is offered. We may or may not offer the opportunity each enrollment period.


    Keep in mind this provides you access to the first week of content and LIVE Group Coaching session. You have until day 7 to cancel. If you do not cancel, on day 8 your first payment will process automatically. If that occurs, there are no refunds and no cancellations allowed. Keep in mind, this is a course and not a membership. You will have "life-time" access to all materials. 

  • What if I need to cancel?

    Because this is a course and not a membership and you receive "life-time" access, there are no refunds and or cancellations once you agree to the terms of the course prior to completing your registration. If you have any reservation and if available, I would strongly recommend you sign up for the 7-Day, $1 Trial period. Keep in mind, this course is really designed for those who are serious about business growth and success. 

  • What is the format for the course? 

    The course format follows the name of the course, "Build, Brand and Bag It". We spend 4 weeks in each area covering exactly what every beauty and barber professional needs to know and do to start, staff and operate a successful and profitable business. Each Monday morning at 7:00 am EST, you will receive your weekly lesson via email. You will then find your video lesson for that week available in the course portal. This is where all information you need for your course will be housed. So, accessing any of the released training lessons, workbooks, LIVE weekly group coaching session replays, will be there for you. 


    This is a guided program which means, I am very involved during your 90-Day period. That is why we have weekly LIVE group coaching sessions with me. They last anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours each week. These sessions are recorded, uploaded to your course portal for your continued access. We host the sessions on the conference platform. 

  • What if I can't make a weekly LIVE Group Coaching Session?

    Don't fret. All sessions are recorded and uploaded for your access in the course platform. These sessions are optional but highly recommended. 

  • What if we desire a one-on-one strategy session with you during our course?

    I do accommodate one-one-one 45-minute strategy sessions of members. There is an investment of $57 for these sessions. You will be able to schedule and pay at anytime directly from your course portal should you need a session. I only hold these sessions on Tuesday's.

  • Do you have anything for Salon Owners?

    Yes, we do and it is totally new for the fall of 2019.


    We realize that real change for salon owners and their teams, takes place when they unify and the lines of communication and education are opened up.


    As part of the BBBI Pro Salon Owner's Coaching program, the salon owner will work with me for 90-Days while their salon team members are given access to the Build, Brand, and Bag It 90-Day Business Accelerator Course. After the 90-Days, the owner can continue working with me inside of my 12-Month Inner Circle CEO program. The cost of the Inner Circle CEO program is $97 per month.